Dear editor,

In his letter last week, Bill Love claimed that, “Two out-of-state special interest motorcycle groups and the local special interest group, Ride with Respect, have asked the local Bureau of Land Management office to approve illegally constructed motorcycle trails in the Westwater area.” He further accused RwR of “supporting illegal damage,” “showing no respect for the federal, state and local laws,” and setting “precedents that will provide incentives to other special interest groups to damage public lands.” These trails cross the paved Westwater road near Interstate 70. That area was open to cross-country travel until 2008 with the approval of BLM’s new Resource Management Plan. When I first encountered these trails over a dozen years ago, they were well established, probably even preceding the old RMP from 1985. My point is that the trails were not “illegally constructed.” Rather than broadcasting unfounded claims or empty accusations, please contact me for information before developing an opinion.

Clif Koontz, Moab