Dear Editor,

As a college student, all I hear about is planning for the future. Financially, I am to prepare myself for the decades that lie ahead. With uncertainty in our current global markets, I have had to plan my economic future and I have had to make some hard decisions. Fortunately for me, I am planning one with cleaner energy and a healthier planet. Fossil fuels have made my life easier and yet more complex. I truly appreciate these carbon-based fuels, but at what cost? If I were to plan a life with coal, oil and natural gas as my energy source, I wouldn’t have to plan far. Our future cannot continue with fossil fuels powering our homes, cars and industry. By pricing carbon responsibility, we can plan for a future with cleaner air, water and soil. The true cost of carbon will only get more expensive on both our wallets and our lives. My advice: Get on the scale and weigh yourself on a carbon calculator. Each one of us lives a different life and each one of us has a different impact on the world around us. Humans are not isolated from nature but distinctly influence it. We can all do our part to combat climate change. Start small and big changes will envelop your life. This is my Earth Day 2015 challenge to you.

Darren Bingham