Dear All,

In regards to the path at San Miguel, many of you are under the misconception that this path is affecting only those homeowners close to the fiasco. With all the time spent on this messiness, not one of the individuals involved in wanting to “slam this path through” has made an attempt to contact the rest of us who reside on this street.

This path was not originally planned to be placed at the end of San Miguel and no answer was ever forthcoming as to why it was currently situated here and not at one of the other two streets selected in the beginning of this project.

Just because something can be done does not necessarily follow that it should be done. Having paths is a nice pleasant concept, but is any thought or planning done to address any negative impact?

Looking at the terrain that encompasses the lower portion of the path leads itself to a nice place to lay low or use as an access point for illicit, intrusive activities in the area, which has happened since the “shove it through” path was implemented. Let’s not forget the fire that was started along the creek bed. There have been vehicles vandalized, a vehicle broken into and very questionable people discovered on properties at all hours. The amount of trash has increased and no one oversees the cleaning up after dogs. Now it seems we have additional concerns for our personal well-being, as these trespassers apparently have no understanding of private property.

The articles in the newspapers lead me to believe that the sanctity of the path is more important and valuable than the safety of the neighborhood. This is a dead-end street and is exactly what it is: a dead-end street – not a thoroughfare nor an open door for all manner of people. I try to understand how this path is easier to use than Mill Creek. In the 14 years that I have lived in this area, it is unusual to see a pedestrian, bicyclist and/ or joggers using Mill Creek.

Who of you is going to do the moral thing and step up and accept the responsibility for the deplorable actions of others that have happened? We should not have to contend with the concerns that this path has created and which puts us at additional risk.