Dear Editor,

I just read the atrocity of the “accidental” tree removal in Lion’s Park, and I’m so mad I could spit nails. How the devil do you accidentally remove huge trees like that? Those trees were there when my grandparents grew up in Grand County; when my great grandparents settled in Moab Valley and built buildings younger than those trees. I sang from the back of a flatbed 3/4-ton truck accompanied by Bob Stocks; Clive Stewart and played in the summer shade beneath those trees.

Anyone with an ant’s rear end worth of sense knows Moab’s trees seem to be dry inside during the dry periods that we had over the years; and gee, they withstood horrendous winds whistling down that canyon. Shame on the money-grubbers. Shame on the ones who ‘didn’t notice’ that much of an “accident” taking place. If the people of Moab don’t take legal action against all involved, they are really slipping. Why be sheep and allow this stuff to take place? Cousins, start rallying and boot those responsible (regardless of how wealthy they are) in the backside and make them pay for this shameful deed.

Disgusted at this destruction…