Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank all the students and parents that I have worked with over my 36 years teaching hunter education in Grand County.

I started in 1978 and I have taught over 3,300 students. I enjoy hunting and really enjoyed sharing my love with others. The students were all respectful, and as of this moment, I don’t know of one of my students who have had a hunting accident.

Thank you for all your help in making this sport one of the safest of all the sports. I wish to especially thank all my assistants, the police department (for use of the firing range), the fire department (for the use of their building and equipment), the schools (for advertising the program) and the community.

I would still like pictures of your first harvest of any animal.

It’s time to turn this program over to another qualified person. If you need assistance, call Brian Goode or the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Thank you.