Dear Editor,

Since we cannot control the increase in the world’s population, the BLM and Moab need to restrict the number of visitors using the parks and campgrounds in the area.

1. The parks need to have a reservation system and only allow a fixed number of people through the gates each day.

2. Camping within say 30 miles of Moab needs to be limited to a fixed number of sites that provide a quality camping experience. The fees charged for these camp spots need to be sufficient to support the facilities and the personnel needed to maintain the facilities and enforce regulations.

3. The Colorado River needs a reservation system.

4. The jeep roads need a reservation system during the fall and spring that limits the number of vehicles and provides the funds necessary for enforcement.

We have reached a point where Moab is saturated with visitors who are not receiving the high quality experience they expect. The businesses in town need to realize that unlimited growth is a cancer that can destroy the Moab experience. The needs of the locals are being ignored. The Moab Police Department should enforce the noise laws and not allow vehicles to roar through town without mufflers. Our air quality is declining and neither the county nor the city has their own enforcement to prevent trash burning in barrels. Nobody has the right to damage children’s lungs by burning their trash or their fireplaces.

Grand County residents have lost their best camping spots in the Onion Creek area because we will not limit the number of tourists to the backcountry. The locals are the losers because we have not said enough is enough.