Seth Holyoak

The Grand County High School students of the month for February 2015 are Seth Holyoak and Tressa Renn. Both are juniors this year.

Holyoak is the son of Ryan and Monica Holyoak. He says his favorite class is Spanish because he loves to learn how to communicate to people in other ways, and math because he just loves the class. “English would be the hardest mostly because I ain’t talk very good grammar,” he joked.

Holyoak plays football, and is the vice president of the Tech Squad, which means he is called to run the auditorium any time it is in use. He is also in the National Honor Society, band, and was on the wrestling team. He is also a member of the LDS Seminary Council.

Outside of school, Holyoak volunteered as a staff member for two summers at Blue Mountain Summer Camp, serves faithfully in his church and performs monthly service projects. He is a Boy Scout and is currently working on his Eagle Scout project. He works at the cemetery; this will be his third summer working there. He mows the grass, pulls the weeds, and trims headstones and yes, if anyone was wondering, he does help bury dead people.

Holyoak also has worked at OTR Tire Factory and is soon going to be working at Packard’s Distributing in March.

Holyoak plans on serving a full-time LDS mission and then attending college for maybe civil engineering. His future plans also include getting married and raising children like his parents raised him.

Renn is the daughter of Shane and Tracy Renn. Her favorite class is her college philosophy class because it’s something she is interested in and she favors the independence she has with her college classes. She said her most challenging class at GCHS is math because she struggles with it and it takes her longer to understand what they are actually doing.

Renn has been involved in track, which she enjoyed greatly. She stays quite busy after school with working out, work, school work and family, so she chooses not to do a lot of other activities involving school outside of school.

Outside of school, she was a leader in the Young Life group and participated in Ultimate Frisbee at the park. She has also helped with the yearly running marathons as well.

Renn is currently employed at the public library and helps check in and check out books, answers questions, does computer work, cleans and helps children and adults find the books and information they need. She has worked at the library for over two years and has enjoyed her experience working there and has learned so much.

Renn also works at the Moab Brewery as a hostess and retail clerk; she also sells gelato. She started this month and so far she has already learned so much about herself and her strengths. “It’s quite a thrill when it gets busy and you really need to know how to communicate.” she said.

Renn plans to graduate early from GCHS next year. She hopes to get into Southern Utah University next spring to major in human nutrition. If she does this, she will increase her knowledge in the health field and work doing what she loves.