The Grand County High School debate team didn’t break into finals at the Stanford National Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament, but team members had lots of fun along the way.

The GCHS team traveled with students from three other Utah high schools, and went on to compete with over 220 schools across the country. The tournament took place at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California, on Saturday, Feb. 7; finals took place at Stanford University on Feb. 8.

It was the most amazing experience ever, and the scenery was completely captivating,” GCHS debate team member Karris Trujillo said.

Trujillo competed in the Spar category.

Robin Willscheidt, also from the GCHS debate team, broke into semifinals on Feb. 7, but she did not break into finals. Willscheidt placed in the top 10 percentile, taking seventh place overall in Oratory.

The other students didn’t take in finals, but they had a fun time as tourists in the city of San Francisco.

I loved it there,” Aiden Newton said. “I have been to California before, but I’ve never seen Stanford before. The campus is amazing.”

Robin Willscheidt places in top 10 percentile