Ryan Anderson - Moab

“How do you think an executive decision to create a national monument would affect our community compared to a public lands initiative?”

“In my opinion, I think that an executive monument designation would be detrimental to the Moab community because it would change the policy on land use in Grand County without any local input or control, whereas the public lands initiative has had numerous meetings with local community members and will hopefully apply our wishes and wants to the legislation.”

David Adams – Moab

“A national monument would be worse because it’d put a lot more restrictions on our land, which would in turn affect our tourist industry, because the tourists wouldn’t be able to access the land as easily, and our community runs on tourism.”

Sarah Day – Moab

“Most polling shows about two-thirds of mountain Westerners support permanently protecting wild areas and keeping open space for future generations. I think that a monument designation would include opportunities for broadened public and stakeholder input as part of a monument management plan because of our national public ownership. It would mean that we, and future generations, will have input and access to the iconic lands.”

Ryan Anderson – Moab