Dear Editor:

A recent U.S. Census report, picked up by the Associated Press, stated that Utah’s population grew nearly twice as fast as the rest of the country over the last year, primarily because of the state’s high birth rate.

This is distressing to hear.

Climate change, that pesky “rumor” based on measurable, well-published scientific data for over 40 years, is becoming undeniable, even to scoffers.

Planet Earth’s overpopulation is the “elephant in the living room” which few address head on, especially in small communities. Some say “over” population is a myth. Questionable research negating overpopulation has been used “at” me. Depletion of the natural resources necessary to feed, clothe, house and transport us tell a different story.

Sacrificing the benefits of Utah’s wilderness and beauty to produce oil for a rising population is something we can see here. Now.

Soon the entire planet, especially the arid regions (including Utah) will be facing enormous challenges around water…the sources of water, uses of water, reclamation of water, the saving of water and flooding waters. Who will get the water when there is not enough for everyone? Utah and her children? How will an increase in population over the coming decades insure enough water for minimal survival needs, much less for recreation, agriculture or commerce?

The entire planet (including Utah) will be dealing with serious issues regarding putting food on our tables. One way to feed an exploding populace will be to bathe plants and soils in a barrage of petrochemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to maximize production; genetically modifying all edibles so they can survive on less natural water. Fish, beef and poultry will have different cellular chemical makeup based on what they ingest. And so will human beings. Sustainable farming, organic farming and local independent farming will be squeezed out of competition by Big AG/ Corporate/ Big CHEM farms. Foods containing abundant natural vitamins and minerals which we historically fed our children so that they would grow up healthy and strong may only be grown at home … providing we can pay the water bill.

“Growth for growth’s sake” and “power in numbers” as ideals are now invalid. We no longer need an abundance of children to help work our family farms. We do not need to populate our villages for power or safety. Humans must make drastic changes starting now. Increasing birth rates shows flagrant disregard for our species’ survival.