Dear Editor,

In March 2011, the Moab Regional Hospital opened and the Allen Memorial Hospital closed. That is 33 months – and yet nothing has been done with the old hospital.

This derelict just sits there – deteriorating day by day. There are signs of several break-ins, which the 12-inch “No Trespassing” signs have obviously not prevented.

Windows have been broken and then boarded up. Some of the more valuable bricks have been removed from the front of the building. I have been told that all copper has also been removed. Has the asbestos been removed? The weeds are two and three feet tall surrounding the property. Fire potential?

I do hope that this property did not sell for what I have been told. How could it? Was the property listed for all to bid on?

Drive by this eyesore on 400 North – and decide whether your property would be allowed to decay as this one has without being required to correct the situation. I see a vehicle around town labeled “Code Enforcement.” Isn’t there a violation of a code here?

Dianne Miller