Dear Editor,

The Grand County Council voted 6 to 1 on Oct. 21 to ignore the sentiments of the majority of its constituents. That ignored and insulted constituency was heard from loud and clear on Nov. 4.

Rank hubris often exacts a very high price from the brazen, but in this case, merely a down payment has been made with these recent election results. I look forward in anticipation to the election season of 2016 when the balance will come due.

Council Chairman Jackson was quoted in the Oct. 29 issue of this publication as having said “it is very difficult to find consensus on these issues in our county,” when responding to questions regarding the council’s vote that Grand County join the Seven County Coalition.

In light of the overwhelming negative response to the idea of the coalition during the public comment period regarding that issue, and now these recent election results, should Councilman Jackson continue to have such difficulties, I might suggest a different line of work. Being so very out of touch with the desires of one’s constituency while laying claim to representing a so-called “silent majority” does not make for a very empathetic, responsive or effective politician.

Republican Party representative Leon Behunin was quoted in the same issue of this publication as having said, “I think it is a minority of people who are well organized and who take up space with their comments,” while referring to those among the electorate who have vehemently opposed all that the Seven County Coalition stands for.

Even with the election results of Nov.4, I still somehow doubt that either Mr. Jackson or Mr. Behunin will take note that all along it is been a MAJORITY of well organized people who have now seen fit, when presented with this state of affairs, to take up some space with their votes.

In the aftermath of this election, I believe one may dare to hope that the “silent majority” of Mr. Jackson and Mr. Behunin, if it ever existed, is now firmly and permanently a thing of the past.