I am writing to voice my opposition to Grand County becoming part of the Seven County Coalition as recently proposed.

I see no advantage to the citizens of Grand County. However, I see nothing but advantage to be gained by the oil and gas industry so it may more easily have its way with Grand County.

I moved here eight years ago expressly to work in the tourism industry. I have built a nice life and have a nice home. I see joining this coalition as the first nail in the coffin of my life here in Grand County.

When the air gets bad and housing prices reach ridiculous proportions as people flock in from all over the country to work in the gas industry here in Grand County, my home will be for sale, hopefully at the height of the boom. This boom, if the advocates of the Seven County Coalition have their way, will most assuredly herald the inevitable bust as it always does.

When the bust comes, I will have by then left those advocates of this Seven County Coalition to happily steep in the swill of their own concoction.