We have read many newspaper articles, editorials and letters regarding the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition; we have attended meetings and heard discussion by many opinion-leaders in this community. And we have come to the conclusion that such an important and divisive issue should NOT be decided by the current county council but should instead await the seating of a new council in January.

We are concerned about the origin of the proposal, the development of the agreement as well as its ambiguities and ramifications, and about the way the county is being pressured by some of the other six counties to rush into a decision, which would be binding upon future city and county administrations and councils.

Indeed, the upcoming election could almost be seen as a referendum on the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition. The residents of Grand County will have the chance to demonstrate their positions on this issue by their votes on council candidates. Regardless of the outcome of the election, it is not fair to permit a “lame duck” council to make such an important and far-reaching decision.

Please defer voting on the coalition.