I am a 20-year resident, tax payer, and property owner in Grand County. I strongly oppose Grand County joining the Seven County Coalition.

I have attended town meetings and a meet-the-candidates night in Castle Valley in which some Grand County Council members voiced their support for joining the Coalition. They say its a good thing, and that this county will make money out of it.

However, they offer no constructive information about how, exactly, we’ll make that money, nor do they address the concerns of many qualified citizens who worry that Grand County might be getting into something that could have negative impact on the financial stability and independence of the county.

To my great alarm, I have heard some council members publicly refer to their fellow citizens who oppose joining the Coalition as “environmental extremists.” Such divisive dismissal of the heartfelt opinions of respectable fellow citizens makes me worry that some of our council members live in an intellectual dark age. A county council should not insult their electorate in that manner. The council members who desire the Seven County Coalition have drank some kind of Kool-Aid and they are pushing an agenda that they do not fully understand, hoping there’ll be a pot of gold at the end of an oil-soaked rainbow.

The hubris of a few individuals should not propel the entire county into something that’ll have uncertainty and risk. We’ll do just fine, as a county, if we decline the invitation to join this thing.