The only thing that the current County Council and the candidates that hope to join this council are discussing is mineral extraction and whether or not we should join the Seven County Coalition. It seems to me that what they should be discussing is not what they can do for people outside of the county, as this coalition clearly represents, but for the residents of this area.

One topic they should be considering is the need for a stoplight at the Shell station south of town on Highway 191. Are we going to wait for another accident or perhaps a fatality to prioritize Spanish Valley residents’ safety? We need an animal control patrol in the county. We need a bike trail from the city out to Ken’s Lake on Spanish Valley Drive. This is a trail that would benefit many residents and tourists alike. We need to get the helicopter pad out of residential neighborhoods and away from high voltage power lines and somewhere more appropriate. We need to combine the city and county police forces and cut back on the redundancy. Let’s have less people and pay them more money. Let’s talk about the new county ballpark and why it was built in an area that is not usable because of its inability to grow grass. Whose idea was this? I know who is paying for it. How about a noise ordinance in Grand County? I’d like to see a designated shooting range in the county. Many people like to shoot their guns and now it happens randomly, with much crossover on trails where people also drive, walk and bike. It is going to happen, so let’s keep our citizens safe. Instead of a multi-million-dollar parking lot for 30 tourist vehicles, how about installing some guard rails on state Route 128? Many of our residents and businesses drive this road on a daily basis and we are doing nothing for them. The real question you should be asking yourself when you go to the polls this November is: What exactly has your current council member done for you? What will our new candidates actually do differently for the people of this county?