The County meeting held at the Grand Center last Wednesday was enlightening. From that meeting, I believe the SCIC would be a good thing for Grand County. Coalitions aren’t formed so that the members of the coalition fight amongst themselves or vote the weakest participant off the island; they are formed with the intent of working together for the common good of all members.

Coalitions enable a stronger position, a voice that creates credibility. In the case of the SCIC, it’s like a wrestling team. Each wrestler retains autonomy, his own style, his abilities, and skills, while taking advantage of other wrestler’s skills and abilities with the objective of winning as a team for the common good of the team (the coalition). One wrestler cannot do what an entire team (coalition) can do, but the entire team can win big when working together with the same focus.

One specific question and concern was addressed at the meeting, that of eminent domain. Upon my understanding the law, it is a moot point. The county or state can impose eminent domain as is applicable by law. The SCIC is not empowered to do more than any one county or state so cannot do any more than what is already in place by law.

There is no logical reason to believe that Grand County would lose any control. Since the county doesn’t own much land and therefore has very little control anyway. I believe the exact opposite. Because of the SCIC, and the stronger voice and credibility it enables, the influence and maybe even control that the county would have is increased. While creating opportunity to generate that it will only happen because of the SCIC.

The fervor and tumult surrounding the SCIC topic is primarily emotional and without logic. It is not based on fact or even common sense. Emotion doesn’t trump law and reality. At the very worst, if Grand County wants out of the SCIC at some future date, there is an escape clause.

By joining the SCIC it will give Grand County the ability to work united with other rural communities and counties for affordable housing and school funding which we so desperately need. I am in favor of the Coalition and hope the County Council will move forward and vote yes in the near future.