I am not a native of Grand County, but my husband and I love it and intend to spend the rest of our lives here.

On Sept. 17, I attended the meeting at the Grand Center regarding the Seven County Coalition.

All of you were there and therefore heard the same the same thing that I did.

Jeff Holt of the Coalition began the meeting with his vision of a rail line from Salt Lake to Moab for recreational purposes, a bit disingenuous since tourists actually need their vehicles to travel around once they arrive; but of course, railroad lines would be a convenience for the oil and gas industry, which the Coalition has an obvious and mutually advantageous relationship with.

I heard that any amendments to the 50-year contract that Grand County might want included in order to protect itself from undesirable projects would be “considered” but not, of course, guaranteed. (I wish someone had ask if we could submit these protective amendments before agreeing to sign the contract.)

I did not hear of any projects that would directly benefit our beloved county and its citizens.

But I did hear contradictions and vague answers.

The most telling contradiction occurred when the coalition’s attorney stated that eminent domain would not affect our rights to our own lands – then be immediately contradicted by Holt himself (I appreciate his honesty) saying that eminent domain absolutely could affect private lands – that’s your land, your children’s and grandchildren’s.

Here is my question – Why wouldn’t we let Grand County call the shots?

If in the future, the coalition comes to us with a possible project – let’s keep our right to refuse – or accept if it benefits us – on a project-by-project basis.

Protect the county we love – the same one that tourists from all over the world flock to and support by keeping us out of the coalition.

Thank you,