Like other Moab residents, we’ve recently been receiving visits, mailings and door hangers from candidates running for local office.

We know running for, and serving in, public office can be a demanding job requiring much personal sacrifice and we thank everyone who has done so for their involvement in local government. That said, we also believe it is important as voters that we be as informed as possible about the candidates we vote for.

In reading up on various candidates running in Grand County, we came across County Council candidate Kim Call’s fundraising website quoting Melissa Moschella of The Witherspoon Institute, a New Jersey-based think tank opposed to marriage equality, stem cell research and abortion. As active voters; a couple with numerous gay, lesbian and transgender friends and family members; and with it being Pride season, we’d like to challenge Call and the other candidates running for office this fall to publicly state their position on marriage equality. Personally, we’re interested in supporting candidates welcoming all Grand County residents and visitors, but we know there are people in town who may have other views. One of the wonderful things about living in America is that we all have a right to differing opinions; we’d argue that we also deserve transparency in knowing whom we’re voting for – at the ballot box, and on a daily basis in terms of the businesses we support.