I am shouting out my appreciation to Chris Baird and others active in the community for their tireless efforts in educating the citizenry and our representatives. Their efforts to have an open honest discussion about the direction of Grand County’s policies is muchneeded and appreciated. If not for dedicated and involved people like Chris, concerned citizens would have less of a voice. A perfect example of this was the Aug. 5 council meeting where certain members of the council were obviously hoping to push through the Seven County Coalition vote without any public discussion and input. When being denied the legal right to address the council, the public demanded to be heard. Now a public meeting will be held on Sept.17 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Grand Center so that all of us, including the council members, will be better informed about this agreement. In a country, where many of us do not feel represented, we should all be thankful for dedicated citizens that have the time and energy to write letters, go to meetings and protest in order to hold elected officials accountable.