Bruce Hunter Aldrich

Bruce Hunter Aldrich passed away suddenly on Thursday, August 28, 2014 from a heart attack. His generous nature, love of life, mischievous twinkling eyes and smile that showed his sense of humor and play, his keen insights, his brilliant eye for design, and building mastery will be greatly missed.

He was born December 18, 1951 in Tacoma, Wash. to Harry & Jane Aldrich, the first of three sons. The family moved to Springfield, Mass., where as a child he played in the abundant meadows and woods, building forts with his friends.

When the family moved to the Los Angeles area, they would go to Zuma Beach on the weekends, and there he discovered his love of the ocean and his lifelong passion for surfing. He was blessed to be able to surf in Baja during the last 12 years of this life.

He also loved music and studied and played guitar wherever he lived.

His love of building forts led him into the building trade; and his considerable artistic abilities led him to a private art school in Hollywood, where he not only learned to paint, but met the love of his life, Cynthia, who was teaching there. They were married a year and a half later in 1981.

Bruce did his first major house remodel on the home they bought in Kirkland, Wash., turning a decrepit old farmhouse into a beautiful home.

Bruce and Cynthia moved to Moab in 1992, settling in Castle Valley. It was here that he was able to full express his artistry in the beautiful homes that he designed and built.

He is already greatly missed. A celebration of Bruce’s life will be held at a future date.

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