The Grand County League of Women Voters wants to make sure all citizens of Grand County are able to vote. Grand County voters will no longer go to the polls to vote. Instead, all votes will be cast via mail-in ballots. With this new system, registered voters are either active or inactive voters. If you did not vote in the 2010 or 2012 general elections, or if you have moved and not notified the County Clerk of your new address, you are probably classified as inactive and will not receive a ballot for this election.

The County Clerk’s office sent out a postcard in the spring informing citizens of their voting status. If you did not get a card or have any questions about whether or not you will receive a ballot in early October for the election this fall, please call the County Clerk’s office at 259-1321.

Cynthia Smith, Board Member

Grand County League of Women Voters