The price of freedom is constant vigilance. We the people were less than vigilant when Obama was elected the first time. We were less than intelligent when he was elected the second time.

In a recent Letter to the Editor in the Moab Sun News, Jeff Flanders opined that the failures of Obama are the result of race hatred against him. There is no doubt that there are racists among us, but there are not enough of them to bring us to the level of decline we are now experiencing.

In fact, if anything, racism elected Obama. One might say because he was a “cool” young black American, he blew Hillary Clinton right off the stage. Because he is black, the media refused to delve into his past associations with Alinsky radicals, America-hating preachers, former and still unrepentant terrorists and a variety of left-wing anti-American elitists who became his czars. Because he is black, more black Americans turned out to vote for him than ever turned out to elect white candidates. Let us hope and pray that race is never a deciding factor in any election again.

We are at the point where according to a recent poll, 70 percent of Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Here is a brief list, in no particular order, of why Obama has fallen on hard times.

From the beginning, he was expected to accomplish too much. The left was hoping for a return to Camelot and what they got was the reality of Detroit and Chicago on a national scale.

The jobless recovery is hurting everyone. Obama wasted $800 million dollars on “shovel ready” projects that didn’t exist.

The health care debacle: the passage of Obamacare was pure Chicago politics at its worst, the payoffs for votes and the “pass the bill, then you can read it” leadership from the left. The result is a horrible morass of federal intervention into the private lives of the citizenry.

Obama believes that only spending money can solve problems. He refuses to make the hard choices required to return us to solvency.

Obama has been campaigning and pandering to his base for six years. He shows no interest in uniting the people.

Obama has been caught in too many lies. “If you like your doctor you can keep him.” There is not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS. The Benghazi disaster was caused by a video tape. The list goes on and on.

Obama’s foreign policy has weakened America. His Israeli policies have emboldened the radical Islamists.

Obama has put us in the position of having to pay the Russians to transport us to the space station.

Obama has refused to protect the southern border. The problems at the border are not entirely his fault, but instead of solving the problems, he has only exacerbated them.

His “apology tours” around the world weaken the nation at home and abroad.

Obama has wasted hundreds of billions of dollars giving money to his “green” friends for “pie in the sky” energy schemes, while at the same time doing all he can to limit or close down energy resources that work and would provide thousands of jobs.

Please note that none of the above examples of why Obama has the country heading in the wrong direction are related to race.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. May we the people be more vigilant in November of 2014 and 2016.

Jim Hofmann