And so it has finally come to this. The Republican-led House of Representatives passed a motion to sue President Obama. The only nay votes were cast because the resolution didn’t go far enough – that’s right, impeachment. For what? Because he extended a mandate in the health care law that they voted to repeal 50 times? Are you kidding?

To understand human behavior, you need to understand the motivation. That’s what drives our actions. On day one of Obama’s presidency, Republicans declared that their sole purpose was to make him a one-term president and to block and obstruct everything he would try to do. On day one? He hadn’t even done anything yet. What is it about him that they hated? What was their motivation?In political rallies all over the country he was depicted as Hitler, Stalin, Satan, the Joker (from Batman), a Muslim terrorist, and not born in America(guess I’ll need a VISA to visit Hawaii).What is it about him that they hated before he had even begun his Presidency?

Common sense legislation that would benefit the American people was gone. Equal pay for equal women? Kill it. The American Jobs Act to give work to the unemployed to fix bridges, roads, water systems, hospitals, schools etc. was dead on arrival. Minimum pay raise, kill it – $7.25 is plenty to live on. Women’s rights to their own bodies? Kill it. We’ll decide what you women can do and can’t do. Even a simple, rational bill to require background checks for gun purchases was dead. Killing 26 children and adults at Sandy Hook was our second-amendment right. Who needs background checks? What about the rights of those kids? Kill the bill. But keep tax breaks for the rich and corporations (over half) that don’t pay any taxes because of the tax havens in the Cayman Islands. And of course, shut down the government and don’t pay our bills. Who do these politicians serve?

And then there is the Affordable Care Act, which of course is Republican-care, not Obama-care. That’s right. This health care bill was the brainchild of the Republican think tank, the Heritage Foundation back in the early 90s, implemented by Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts. The nuts and bolts of this law is rooted in the Republican party and it’s political philosophy. Millions of people now have some kind of health insurance they never had before. But the House voted to repeal its own law, and take away health care from these millions of people. With no alternative offered. Why would you vote against your own idea? What is it they hate about him?

At the Fourth of July parade in Norfolk, Nebraska, one of the floats showed a dummy of Obama clutching a walker in front of an outhouse with a sign on it that read “Obama Presidential Library”. That’s right, the 4th of July parade. Just one of many examples displaying the disgustingly ugly side or our society and culture. Why do they hate him?

Recently, a respected political talk-show host said that the Republicans don’t need to have a reason for trying to destroy President Obama. Because, as he said, “It’s not what he does, it’s who he is.” Amen.

Oh. I get it now. What is their motivation? They can’t stand a black Democrat in the White House. Just call it what it is. The hatemongers say he’s an un-American, un-patriotic, satanic, black, muslim terrorist trying to destroy America. He’s Hitler, an outlaw, Stalin reincarnated, and the hate goes on and on. Good god, how pathetically sad, ignorant and inhumane.

Jeff Flanders