Works like this one, by Jon Frank, will be part of the “Moab in Abstract” show at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center during the June Art Walk, which takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 14. [Image courtesy of Moab Arts and Recreation Center]

The final Moab Art Walk for the 2014 spring season will take place Saturday, June 14 from 6 to 9 p.m.

During the Art Walk, people stroll the streets of downtown Moab visiting various art galleries and businesses that feature “local artists and receptions where you can hang around the most interesting people in Moab, view new artwork, and share a refreshment with your favorite artists.”

Jenni Urbanczyk, the Moab Art Walk coordinator, said the spring season attracted locals and visitors alike to not only long-time Art Walk galleries, but new ones as well.

“The spring season brought out locals, attracted tons of visitors to our town and really stoked our business on Main Street,” she said. “New artists and spaces such as Sandstone Gallery and Moab Classic Bike opened new spaces for more art appreciation.”

Art Walk participants will be invited to view collections at eight different locations for the June walk. Venues include the Moab Arts and Recreation Center (MARC), Triassic Moab, Gallery Moab, The Edge Gallery, Sandstone Gallery, Moab Classic Bike, Moonflower Market and the Museum of Moab.

In a show entitled “Moab in Abstract,” the MARC will feature the work of North and Jon Frank. North and Jon moved to Moab in 2005. According to their artists’ statement, Jon has “focused mostly on abstract expressionism using a balance of gravity, velocity, time and space. While North creates her Tree Shadow abstracts by taking canvas outside and recording the shapes cast by the shadows of trees.”

MARC director Laurie Collins said she is very excited to offer an abstract show for June’s Art Walk.

“We are thrilled to showcase an abstract show,” she said. “We see lots of landscapes, a fair amount of recycled art, but we rarely see abstracts. It’s a new and exciting opportunity for us.”

The MARC, which offers arts, education, culture and recreation programs and events for community children and adults, is located at 111 E. 100 North.

Just west of the MARC, the Moonflower Market, 39 E. 100 North, will be exhibiting the work of Jess Dye, a local ceramist.

Triassic Moab, located at 7 N. Main St., will host the work of Johnny Woodruff, a craftsman at Triassic specializing in stone and metal. Woodruff will be onsite during the Art Walk and invites everyone to see how he merges two different mediums together.

Just north of Triassic Moab, at 87 N. Main St., is the Gallery Moab, an artists’ cooperative gallery. The gallery will be highlighting the work of two different artists: watercolorist Tim Morse and landscape artist Mary Collar. Thea Nordling will also be showing her work “Towering Needles.”

Also on Main Street is The Edge Gallery, located at 137 N. Main St. The Edge Gallery will host photographer Bret Edge’s show “Autumn Light in the Subway.” The pieces, which are printed on aluminum, capture water pools with swirling autumn leaves in the Subway area of Zion National Park.

New to Moab this spring, the Sandstone Gallery, at 78 N. Main St., will display hand-carved sandstone sculptures.

Venturing down Center Street, people can visit both the Museum of Moab, at 118 E. Center St., and the Moab Classic Bike, at 68 E. Center St.

At the Museum of Moab, visitors can see the early 20th century photography of Agustin Victor Casasola. Casasola, who was integral in founding the Mexican Association of Press Photographers, photographed Mexico in an effort preserve its history. The show is entitled “Mexico Then: the Casasola Archive.” The Museum is also hosting the Smithsonian traveling exhibit, “Journey Stories,” which visitors will also be able to view during the Art Walk.

Moab Classic Bike has on display Tim McAllister’s pop-culture-inspired, bike-themed graphic dimensional collages at Moab Classic Bike. $10 prints are available during the Art Walk.

The fall season for Moab Art Walk will start up in September and Urbanczyk said they are hoping for more businesses to participate.

“We are looking for more venues and artists for the fall season and expect an even greater turnout with new modes of promotion and art loving fun,” she said.

“We are thrilled to showcase an abstract show. We see lots of landscapes, a fair amount of recycled art, but we rarely see abstracts. It’s a new and exciting opportunity for us.”

What: June Art Walk

When:Saturday, June 14 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Cost: Free

June’s Art Walk concludes spring season