In response to the May 21 Moab Sun News article “Council members: No more wilderness,” I was glad to see Grand County Council member Jim Nyland’s true colors finally shine through. By referring to the obvious majority of Grand County residents who desire more protection of the county’s lands as “a certain element that just wants more” and “an element out there that wants to halt all resource development” he has clearly proven that he has no interest in representing the majority of the citizenry, but only his own agenda and that of corporate extractive industry. Mr. Nyland I hate to be blunt, but you blatantly and intentionally insulted those who share an opposing view with your derogatory comment.

The fact that his fellow council members, with the exception of Elizabeth Tubbs, condoned his views and comments by siding with him is undeniable proof that our elected officials do not have any interest in serving the people of this county.

Council member Tubbs wisely observed “There is something wrong when there are three plans that don’t encompass what the people in this community want.” And “We should put this up for referendum.”

I agree. In fact, all land-use decisions in Grand County should be subject to referendum voting as it is obvious the majority of council members are incapable of representing the people.