As of late, there have been a number of letters by people that tout how people who stand up against the BLM should be all but drawn and quartered. Then they throw out the term “domestic terrorist” without even considering what that means. By titling someone a domestic terrorist, it opens them up to be picked up under the Patriot Act. If you don’t know all the laws of the Patriot Act, you better read up on it and you will rethink using the term “domestic terrorist” on anybody. Yet that’s an issue to discuss at another time.

So let’s get back to the BLM and how misinformed so many people are. It’s clear to me that the common trait between people is their lack of research on a topic that they’re so outspoken about.

Let’s take a look at some facts that the common (and even not so common) person wouldn’t know unless they got serious and did their fact checking. I’ll go with the biggest news event that everyone has at least heard a little something about. The Cliven Bundy case, in which the majority of people only know what mass media reported, which is that he didn’t want to pay grazing fees.

That is part of it, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s just barely the tip of the iceberg. For starters, if it was just a dispute over grazing fees, then it should have been handled in a court of law. Wherein, if the BLM won, liens would have been levied against the Bundy ranch until all monies due were paid. The mere fact that the BLM came in like a military SWAT team with snipers should be a huge red flag for anyone watching what was going on.

So let’s dig deeper and see why the BLM all of the sudden wanted this land that these cows were grazing on. The facts are this: Sen. Harry Reid put pressure on Nevada Energy to sign up as ENN Energy Group’s first customer, a deal that was worth $5 billion. This deal was to set up the southern Nevada desert with a solar farm and panel manufacturing plant.

Let’s get a little deeper into this and point out who ENN’s lawyer is. None other than Sen. Reid’s son, Rory Reid. The same Rory Reid who is assisting China with acquiring a large portion of Nevada desert worth under the appraisal amount by the county for solar energy. Well, it seems this land the Reids want to get a hold of for a Chinese solar company is the exact same land Mr. Bundy’s cows were grazing on.

Now when you look at it from a facts standpoint, non-payment of grazing fees are hardly the issue. Nor is it about endangered desert tortoises, which is what the BLM originally cited to start this land grab. If it was about desert turtles, then why make a deal to build a manufacturing plant?

Let us ask this question in light of all that. Why are states such as Utah, Texas, New Mexico, and several others, stepping up to make sure the land in their states doesn’t become the property of the federal government? If the BLM is about protecting these sections of land, then why are states fighting it? If it’s good for the state, then the obvious logic is to let it happen. Right? That means clearly there is more to what the federal government is doing than protecting land.

So the real first question should not be “why are these people fighting back?,” but “why is the federal government suddenly going after these people?” If you can’t take a moment to question that and really dig down to find out the truth, then you have no right to tout your pro-government nonsense. If anything, that makes you – I would say a domestic terrorist, but that’s not a term to be thrown around lightly – an anti-American and a threat to American freedoms.