Robin Willscheidt-Johnson

Grand County High School students of the month for May 2014 are Tiffanie Whipple and Jamie Marshall.

Whipple, a senior, is the daughter of Doug and Kristie Whipple. Marshall, a junior, is the son of John Marshall and Corry Cooper.

He was also recently named the GCHS Student of the Year for the upcoming 2014-15 school year, along with fellow junior Robin Willscheidt-Johnson. Both Marshall and Willscheidt-Johnson were chosen from among GCHS Student of the Month winners, excluding seniors, who were honored at an end-of-the-year luncheon at the Moab Elks Lodge 2021 on Monday, May 12. Willscheidt-Johnson is the daughter of Danette Johnson and Kirk Pearson.

HMK’s May Student of the Month is Erick Lopez, a third-grade student in Mrs. Henderson’s class. His mother is Thania Soto.

“Erick has been working all year to improve his ability to sustain attention for longer periods of time and to complete his work in a timely manner,” Henderson said. “He has succeeded in his goals and is making good gains academically. Erick has made a 360-degree turnaround in his attitude toward learning. He is excited to learn and values the importance of being able to read, write and do arithmetic to be successful later in life. Above that, Erick is a sweet boy whom everyone likes. He treats everyone with respect and shares his stories and toys with everybody. I am so proud of all the hard work Erick has put in this year.”

The BEACON Enrichment Student of the Month is Chloe Book, is a sixth-grader at HMK and the daughter of Angie and Ken Book. Book has been in the Newspaper Club throughout the year. BEACON’s Sara Hinck said that Book is a kind and generous student.

“As a sixth-grader, she does a great job of setting the example of how to behave and interact with others,” Hinck said. “Chloe is also extremely generous with her time and talent – she typically writes numerous articles for the Gryffin Gazette and helps other students with their writing. She recently helped with the BEACON Theater Club’s Three Little Pigs in Space production-she did all the make-up and helped out last-minute as a narrator. She is a great student and we are thrilled to have her in BEACON.”

The BEACON Academic Student of the Month is Rori Cresto. Rori is a first-grader at HMK and the daughter of Rachel and Mike Cresto. Cresto nominated by her tutor, Lynda Diem.

“Rori loves to read and remembers what she reads,” Diem said. “She prefers science books over fiction. Rori is a peacemaker and puts others needs before her own.” Rori is true pleasure to have in the BEACON Afterschool Program. She comes with a smile and always tries her best.”

BEACON Afterschool’s Middle School Student of the Month for May is seventh-grader Kianna Chacon, daughter of Araceli and Tony Chacon.

Hinck said she is a standout student at BEACON for many reasons. Hinck said Kianna Chacon takes her studies seriously and holds herself to the highest standards – coming to afterschool several days a week to keep up her grades and when she’s done with her work, she is always willing to help out other students to get their work finished too.

“(Kianna) is polite, fun, and a joy to have at BEACON,” Hinck said. “Kianna said she likes coming to BEACON because it is “cool, fun, and sometimes adventurous.”