Tyrell Stash

The HMK BEACON Academic student of the month is Lane Berry, the son of Brittney and Ryan Melton, a second-grader in Mrs. Cook’s Class. Tutor Caryn McGinty praised Berry, calling him the most caring student she’s ever had.

“He always takes care of the other students and is worried when someone is having a hard time. He works hard to not only get his work done, but to do so correctly.” Lane’s grades have consistently improved throughout the year.

The BEACON Enrichment student of the month is Tyrell Stash, son of Herbert Stash and Charlene Betsuie and a first-grader at HMK.

“He always focuses and works hard,” said Anna Arsic, Tyrell’s club leader. “He helps other students, both during homework time and with club activities … He does a great job sharing his ideas and resources with other students.”

Tyrell said some of his favorite BEACON activities have been sand painting, making Chia heads, and listening to Ms. Arsic read. This is Tyrell’s second year in BEACON and he said another favorite activity was when his Kindergarten club make sock puppets last year.