My son and grandson (age 9) were here for Easter Jeep Safari Week. My grandson has been riding in Jeeps with his dad in Moab since he was 3 years old. They are kind enough to let Grandma tag along to enjoy Moab ‘s amenities while they ride the trails. We all love it here.

My grandson is incredibly knowledgeable about Jeeps and Broncos. He owns an about-to-be-historic Eddie Bauer Bronco and can’t wait to get his license – only another seven years or so.

I thought you and your readers might get a chuckle knowing he took one look at your April 16-22, 2014 issue — and announced that the vehicle identified as a Jeep in the front-page photo is actually a Bronco. And if anyone knows such stuff – this boy does.

The next generation of Jeep and Bronco crawlers in Moab is in good hands.

Best wishes to all who were here for the Safari.

Mary Ellen (Grandma) Murtaugh

Tempe, Ariz.