Thank you to the Moab community for your support and enthusiasm for our “Local Food, Local Source” conference at the MARC this past week. What we chose to call a “conference,” I prefer to consider an ongoing conversation. As food culture in the United States grows in its consciousness of how to connect the points of economics and ecology (and the health of both), we will strive to bring about a shift not only in what we consume, but as well in the way we design the infrastructure that is our food system.

Thank you to everyone who came out or who supported our efforts as they could. To Buck’s Grill House; Sabaku Sushi; Living Traditions Farm; Castle Valley Farms; Moonflower Community Cooperative; Youth Garden Project; KZMU; Moab Happenings, and the Moab Sun News – and all other producers, chefs, presenters and interested folks who gave a voice to the dialogue.

Jeremy Lynch, Moab