Madison Stocks

The Grand County High School Students of the Month for March are seniors Koi Cook and Madison Stocks. Madison Stocks is the daughter of James and Sherri Stocks. She has been involved in many school activities in high school, including track and field, tennis, drama, and debate. Koi Cook is the son of Derrick and Shelley Cook. He has also been involved in many school activities, including football, basketball, track and baseball.

The HMK Mayor’s Student of the Month for March is Julian Fosse, a first-grader in Ms. Lamb’s class. Julian is the son of Randi Fosse.

Lamb said Julian is a class leader both academically and socially, who is bright and insightful beyond his years. “When Julian notices problems, he humbly and quietly reports them, or takes care of the problem himself, never drawing attention to offenders out of respect for other’s feelings,” Lamb said. “Julian remains cheerful in all situations, eager to be a diplomat when social issues arise. Julian’s thoughtful flexibility in choosing a partner, or arranging a small learning group, has more than once offset a problem situation from ensuing. I recognize and appreciate Julian’s friendly and helpful attitude in our class, and it is for these reasons Julian deserves to be our Student of the Month.”

The BEACON Student of the Month for the HMK Enrichment Program is Brynley Ruggeri, daughter of Mike and Jennifer Ruggeri, a kindergartener at HMK. Brynley’s club leader, Lindsay Trudeau, nominated her for the award. Trudeau said Brynley “models great behavior for other students and helps resolve conflicts. She has a natural intuition for when others are upset and bravely speaks up for them. She takes initiative to better the club environment and has zero-tolerance for any bullying or mean behaviors.” Brynley said she likes that the BEACON program is, “fun and interesting.” She said her favorite activity so far has been “planting grass seeds for the Chia monster heads” that her club made.

The HMK Academic Assistance Student of the Month for March is second-grader Emily Couey of Mrs. Cook’s class. Emily is the daughter of Trisha and Weston Couey. BEACON Afterschool Program community outreach coordinator Sara Hinck said Emily consistently comes to BEACON with a good attitude, ready to work hard and have fun, and that she is genuinely kind to those around her, providing encouragement and lending a helping hand to her fellow students. Hinck said Emily has worked to develop her self-reliance since coming to BEACON.

“A few months ago, while working on homework, she would have asked if each of her answers were correct, unsure of how much she knew. Now, she trusts herself and her knowledge, and speaks up to ask questions about things she actually needs help with. Her determinate and motivation is clear. You can see Emily’s commitment to learn whatever she needs to in her focus during Afterschool Club.”

The Grand County Middle School BEACON Student of the Month for March is Joseph Couey, son of Trisha and Weston Couey. Joseph is is an eighth-grader, who was chosen to be BEACON’s student of the month because of his hard work and dedication, Hinck said.

“When “Joey” first started coming to BEACON, he came with a good attitude and a determination to make a difference in his grades,” she said. “He set goals and was always able to reach them. He is always kind to the tutors and treats those around him with respect.”