I am grateful and surprised to see the concepts of sustainability coming into formal institutionalization as full blown, recognized, funded and supported academic programs. It’s almost unbelievable that Moab would be gifted with one of the creators of this state program, Dr. Roslynn Brain, Phd, as a local resident and processor in the field.

Her interface with people like Emily Niehaus (Moab’s Community Rebuilds) is a dramatic step forward in the achievement and integration of what many of us have dedicated our lives to in full knowledge of what lies ahead for us all, the challenges of diminishing water quality and supply, the impacts of growth, the toxicity of built environments, our effects on air quality and the mandate not just to solve these problems, but to end living in a healthier surrounding and in definitively increased comfort and style.

I was stunned at Dr. Brain’s information that Utah has now recognized and legally protected the individual rights of residents to the rain that falls on their house and head – progress at last. Wonder if Colorado did the same? Civil Disobedience or simply maintaining the obvious as human rights. That only took two decades – cheap by any standards.

These processes take this kind of time and commitment. At the end of this we see what originated as the first attempts to network these solutions 20-years-aged as we speak to their formal institutionalization and education of our citizens and young in their superiority, and in the case of natural building solutions, their very-low-cost availability for construction to every man, woman and child walking the streets of Moab.

Gary Duncan,