Several participants and trainers for Moab's Biggest Loser pose together during the Five Mile Run during Canyonlands Half Marathon on Saturday, March 15. [Courtesy photo]

The third-annual South Town Gym Moab’s Biggest Loser competition concluded on Wednesday, March 19, with Mindy Althoff emerging victorious after losing 40 pounds, which amounts to 20.4 percent of her beginning body weight, during the 10-week competition.

During the competition, participants were encouraged to change their eating patterns and exercise. They were split into groups with different trainers in each group instructing grueling workouts. Weigh-ins were each Wednesday during the 10-week competition that began on January 8, with a “last chance” workout each Tuesday, usually a hike with all of the participants together. Althoff said participants worked out together four days a week besides the last chance workout, focusing on different areas each day and doing cardiovascular exercise each day.

“I had so much fun this year,” Althoff posted on Facebook. “I am sad that it is coming to an end. I have met some awesome people that I hope to keep in touch with after this is over. Thank you so much Andrea Lopez, Vanessa Scow, Thuy Woodard, Wesley Rodda, Nick (Oldroyd) and Kirt (Patterson) for all of your time and kick-ass workouts.”

Althoff said she entered the competition because she had just had a baby and wanted to lose weight fast. Her family helped keep her on track and babysat for her during the competition. She said her husband, Joshua Althoff, didn’t let her cheat on her diet or skip a gym day.

Other participants also said they had a blast during the competition.

“What a great experience,” Stephanie Cluff said on Facebook. “My love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle has grown and I hope to continue this way.”

Althoff said she met a bunch of cool new people to work out with and she plans to keep the weight off by eating healthy and continuing to go to the gym regularly. She encouraged others who want to lose weight to enter the competition next year.

“Sign up for it and stick to it,” she said. “It’s a great program and the trainers are awesome.

Heidi Perez placed second in the competition, Tammy Thayn was third and Cluff took fourth.

Several businesses gave donations for prizes, including the Moab Diner, Knowles Home Furnishings, Redtail Aviation, Moab Yoga, Raven Images, Scarlet Rox, Zax Pizza, Triassic, Fiesta Mexicana, Lube It, Shell Station, The Moab Adventure Center and The Moab Brewery. Althoff received a cash prize and a gift certificate for winning the competition.

Winner loses 40 pounds during 10-week competition


What a great experience. My love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle has grown and I hope to continue this way.”