The “watchdog group” mentioned in the March 5, 2014, Moab Sun News article is a group of local residents who are concerned that the gas pipeline being constructed parallel to Highway 313 and the Dubinky Wells Road is not being built to meet or exceed federal safety requirements as promised by the BLM. This group, called the Canyon Country Coalition for Pipeline Safety, is affiliated solely with Western Ranchers Alliance from Colorado and the local Sierra Club, both of whom joined the group this year to provide technical support. Western Ranchers Alliance is a nonprofit group dedicated to the safe construction of new or existing pipelines.

Moab Sun News’ article, “Pipeline Under Scrutiny for Alleged Safety Concerns,” was a factual article that presented the views of all parties concerned with the safety of the gas pipeline along Highway 313 and Dubinky Wells Road. We believe the pipeline will be unsafe because neither the BLM, nor the federal government, nor the State of Utah , nor Fidelity Exploration & Production will take responsibility for enforcing all the federal codes necessary for the construction of a high-quality, safe pipeline. The BLM clearly promised Grand County a safe pipeline in their Environmental Analysis (EA): Section 2.2.2: “While this gathering line will not be regulated, the pipeline would be designed and constructed to meet and exceed federal and industry standards that would be applied to a similar transmission pipeline. The Federal government establishes minimum pipeline safety standards under 49 CFR, Parts 190 through 199.”

For this to be a safe pipeline, the BLM needs to make a commitment to enforcing all the safety regulations promised in their EA. Fidelity Exploration & Production needs to commit to enforcing all safety standards required by government regulation, including but not limited to, 49 CFR Parts 190 through 199.

The residents of Grand County need to demand that the BLM enforces their promise made in their EA for a safe and high quality pipeline. Call the local BLM office today.

Bill Love,