Dear editor,

I grew up with dogs and have had dogs periodically throughout my adult life, so let me state, I like dogs; however I dislike bad dog-owners.  This feeling has been brewing for some time, but has boiled over recently.  In the last two months I have had the following interactions with dogs (bad dog owners):  (1) A dog from a nearby construction site killed all of my laying hens (2) I was bit by a dog belonging to horseback riders on Johnson’s Up on Top.  (3) This morning I had a dog jump on my back when I stopped to let its owner pass me on the trail.  I know that you all love and adore your pets, but teach them some manners, clean up after them (their s*%& all over trails and trail heads) and be courteous to other users on public lands.  You’ll be doing your population (dog owners) a big favor! 

Trisha Hedin,