Dear Editor,

I would like to give my personal opinion about Moab since I have lived here my whole life. I think that Moab is an amazing place to live. There are beautiful views everywhere that you go. No matter what season it is you will always see the most spectacular views. Even though after living here for so long, the views don’t get old, but like you never get time to ever looking at anything.

I have lived here in Moab ever since I have started school, like back in preschool, so like a really long time ago. I have been here long enough that my friends who are my friends today will most likely be my friends for life. We have and always will do adventurous crazy stuff. I’m pretty sure all of my friends have lived here their whole life as well. That’s how we all became friends.

I feel that living in a small town like Moab is one of the best things you could do. Because I feel that if you live in some big fancy city in a packed to the max school would not make your friendship life good. Like you can’t get a full ride scholarship to Harvard or Stanford like you might in some big city, but you can still do what you want with your life.

I think that all of the stuff that I and my family and my friends have done growing up has made me the person I am today. I think that if you have a good friendship life and everything else like that would motivate you. Well I know it sure as heck would motivate me. If life was perfect just about it would motivate me to do my best. I think that the best education learning zone would be to learn in not a huge school, but a school with about 500 to 1000 students.

Thank you for your time,

Bo Ellis