Dear Editor,

I would like to express my appreciation to the Grand County School District, teachers, principal, advisors, students staff and all others involved with Grand County High School. Being a new student to Grand High, I have realized what I have been missing out on while attending Green River High School.

Coming from Green River, I didn’t have the opportunity to play many sports such as soccer, softball, and tennis. Nor did we have the opportunity to participate in many after-school activities. Attending Grand High, I have had the choices to participate in several after-school activities and sports that I nevre had before. Having FFA, FCCLA, Honor Society, and the large variety of after-school activities and clubs have given me the chance to become a more open person.

Qualified teachers have made a huge difference in the education I have received since I’ve continued my new school year here in Grand County. In Green River, several teachers are not qualified to teqach what they teach, nor do they do a good job at it. Grand High has after school tutoring which I nevre had the opportunity to take advantage of in Green River. Grand High has a large group of teachers and several teachers in each subject, which allows the students to have a great help of knowledge.

I love meeting new people and getting to make friends. Here at Grand High I had no problem doing so. The students are so kind and open, as well as the teachers and staff. I made friends and was accepted immediately. Never really having the chance to be new to a crowd as large as a school I was nervous at first, but once I started attending classes with the students, I made friends and the students accepted me very well.

My appreciation toward the Grand County School District, teachers, staff and students is great. Thank you for providing a well-run school and allowing me to attend a school that will help me to well after high school and in my adult life.

A proud Grand County High School student,

Sadie Hansen