Kyson O'Donnal

Kyson O’Donnal is Helen M. Knight Elementary’s (HMK) Student of the Month for January. His parents are Shawn and Amber O’Donnal. He is in Mr. Strawinski’s third grade class at HMK Elementary School.

“Kyson is the type of student who always makes every effort to do better at anything he does. Kyson continually strives for perfection,” Mr. Strawinski said. “If he doesn’t understand a concept straight away, he works all the harder to understand it; trying different ways to attack the task at hand.”

Mr. Strawinski said that O’Donnal displays the type of integrity that teachers are trying to instill in students.

“I can always count on Kyson to do the right thing, even when no one is looking,” Mr. Strawinski said. “Kyson’s intelligence, integrity, creative thinking, and most importantly effort, make him an exemplar student.”