Utah Highway Patrol trooper Kerry Ball was able to capture the car chase on Saturday with the dash video camera in his patrol vehicle. This screen shot is seconds before Peter Lozano Flores rams the BMW into Grand County Sheriff's deputy Zane Lammert's vehicle. [Photo courtesy / Utah Highway Patrol]

A man in a stolen car gave officers an hour-long chase with speeds over 100 miles per hour that ended with the suspect ramming into an officer’s car on Saturday, Jan. 25. The suspect, Peter Lozano Flores, 41, of Garland, Texas, was flown to Provo for his injuries sustained in the accident on the La Sal Loop Road.

Grand County Sheriff’s deputy Zane Lammert was also treated for minor injuries at Moab Regional Hospital.

Utah Highway Patrol trooper Kerry Ball observed a BMW driving 93 miles per hour with no registration headed eastbound near Thompson on I-70. When Ball attempted to pull over the BMW, it sped away. Ball initiated a pursuit.

Moments later, the BMW pulled to the right and stopped. A female passenger exited the car, then the BMW sped off again.

After confirming the woman was okay, Ball resumed the pursuit and notified Utah Highway Patrol officers from Green River of the woman’s location. She was later transported to Moab for questioning.

“They have a hold on her while they investigate the situation and figure out whether to charge,” said Sgt. Todd Royce from the Utah Highway Patrol. “They are trying to determine whether she is a victim or an accomplice.”

The pursuit left I-70 when the BMW pulled onto State Route 128. Grand County deputies set up spikes in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The BMW avoided the spikes by turning onto Castle Valley Road and heading to the La Sal Loop Road.

Road blocks were established with other law enforcement agencies. Trooper Ball lost visual contact with the BMW.

Moments later, State Parks officer Jeff Arbon reported the BMW was turning around on Loop Road at the base of the La Sal Mountains, heading back to Castle Valley Road. Trooper Ball and Grand County Sheriff’s deputy Zane Lammert responded to that location with the intent to deploy spikes.

The BMW stopped when it approached Ball and Lammert. Ball drew his firearm and ordered the suspect to exit the vehicle. The suspect accelerated and rammed Lammert’s patrol vehicle while Lammert was still behind the steering wheel.

The suspect was knocked unconscious from the impact. The suspect did not regain consciousness and was flown by Classic Aviation to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.

Lammert sustained minor injuries and was transported to Moab Regional Hospital for observation.

Lt. Scott Robinson said that the chase included speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

“All that area is pretty remote,” Robinson said. “Obviously speeds were slower on 128 because of the design on 128.”

State Route 128 is a two-lane highway that has portions along the Colorado River on one side and rock cliffs on the other.

Robinson said that Ball is one of Utah Highway Patrol’s newer officers.

“He handled it pretty well,” Robinson said. “He handled it as safely as you can. It’s unpredictable, so you have to rely on your training and that’s what he did.”

Robinson appreciated the cooperation between the different law enforcement agencies.

“We don’t do these on our own. it took the cooperation of the Grand County and San Juan County sheriff’s departments and (Utah) State Parks.”

The BMW involved is conformed stolen out of Texas. There was a stolen license plate from Arizona inside the vehicle. During the inventory of the vehicle, officers located numerous credit cards and other items that indicated that other crimes were committed. Several different identification cards were located in the BMW.

Ball’s dash camera was recording during the entire incident.

A follow up investigation is being conducted in conjunction with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office by Utah’s State Bureau of Investigation.

“They’re all working together. That’s the best part of it: The cooperation between the agencies,” Robinson said. “We’re grateful for their help.”

Injured suspect flown to Salt Lake

“They’re all working together. That’s the best part of it: The cooperation between the agencies.”