Sixth grade spelling bee finalists display the medals they earned during the class-wide spelling bee held Wednesday, Jan. 15. From left to right: Blessing Holloway, Josie Wakefield, Miranda Corbin, Dylan Shockymeyer, Aiden Keating and Ty Martinez,  [Photo by Kristin Millis / Moab Sun News]

Helen M. Knight Elementary held the school’s spelling bee on Wednesday, Jan. 15. Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students competed with peers from their own grades to arrive at six finalists. Six finalists from each grade will compete with students from Grand County Middle School in the regional competition at 1 p.m., on Friday, Feb. 7.

The fourth grade spelling bee winners are: Kaistin Allred, Zoe Campbell, Lexi Carroll, Zane Maher-Young, Russell Nielson and Cian Stiles.

Fifth grade spelling bee finalists are: Miguel Becerra, Alejandra Flores, Kyla Jackman, Gail Levitt, Rowan Murdock and Diego Winn.

Sixth grade spelling be finalists are: Miranda Corbin, Blessing Holloway, Aidan Keating, Ty Martinez, Dylan Schocknmyer and Josie Wakefield.

Regional competition to be held in February

When: 1 p.m., Friday, Feb. 7

Where: Helen M. Knight Elementary