In thinking of the stand that Grand County needs to take in relation to Rep. Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative, I think this is an issue that is about more than just lands. It is about health and the future of our county, not to mention our planet.

Grand County needs to use this critical moment to think about creating a sustainable environment for its population. We need to protect our water, air, landscapes, habitats. We need to think about our own children, grandchildren, and those of future generations. We need to develop renewable energy programs like wind and solar which do not destroy the environment and which put many people to work. We need to protect the resources of air, water, soils and landscapes, wildlife habitats that we are so fortunate to have here in Redrock Country. We need to stand fast and say that we want no new extraction of oil, gas, uranium, bitumen from tar sands, kerogen from oil shale, potash. Our greatest wealth is the health of our environment and our consequent personal health.

Deb Walter