David Strickland

Moab City Police officers arrested a Texas man near Bridger Jack Road on south Hwy 191 hours after he was suspected of committing an aggravated robbery on Wednesday, Jan. 8 in Layton.

Layton City Police said that David Malcom Strickland, 27, of Helotes, Texas, stole a rifle and two handguns from a Layton residence north of Salt Lake City.

Strickland was charged with aggravated burglary, a first degree felony; aggravated assault and theft of a firearm, both second degree felonies. He is now in the custody of the Davis County Jail.

A woman called Layton City Police at 10 a.m., Wednesday, Jan. 8 to report that a man came into her home and was stealing firearms. When she discovered the man, she took him by surprise and he allegedly pointed a handgun at her. The man then fled the scene, stated a Layton City Police press release.

The description of the male suspect led the male homeowner to believe the suspect was Strickland, a former roommate of his. His girlfriend was able to positively identify Strickland by a photo.

Strickland apparently had a key to the home from the time he was a roommate and made entry without the girlfriend hearing him. The male homeowner stated that he had an unsettled debt and that Strickland likely stole his firearms to collect on that debt, a matter of $2000, the press release stated.

Strickland left the scene with an M4 rifle, a Kimber .45 caliber handgun and a Sig Mosquito .22 caliber handgun with a combined value of $3900.

With officers on scene, the male texted Strickland about the debt owed and the guns he had just stolen. Strickland responded to the texts and indicated the guns would be returned if he was paid the money he believed he was owed, thus corroborating the victim’s account and that Strickland had the guns.

With the suspect and vehicle confirmed, Layton City Police were able to track Strickland via GPS and his cell phone.

Moab area officers were notified that Strickland was enroute. Grand County dispatch was notified that Strickland was approaching mile 133 on Hwy 191.

Officer Clinton Curtis of the Moab City Police Department saw the car described by dispatch near 300 South and Main St. He followed the vehicle south of town and waited until he had other officers nearby before making a felony stop.

Curtis initiated a traffic stop at the top of Blue Hill south of Moab. Strickland pulled over. Officers had guns drawn as Strickland stepped out of the car. He was handcuffed and searched before being placed in the police car.

As Strickland was moved from the police officer’s car to a Utah Highway Patrol car, he said that the M4 rifle had stolen parts from the military, and that was the reason he took the rifle from the Layton residence, stated the Moab City Police report.

Several other weapons were also found in Strickland’s car, including three handguns, a shotgun, a rifle, four knives and magazines filled with ammunition for the guns.

“There’s no indication that the other weapons he had were stolen,” said Lt. Shawn Horton of the Layton City Police Department.

Strickland was held at the Grand County Jail until officers from Layton City Police transported him to the Davis County Jail on Thursday, Jan. 9.

Firearms stolen in Layton by former roommate 

“There’s no indication that the other weapons he had were stolen.”