Ossana pleads guilty

Bluesette Elizabeth Ossana, 47, waived her right to a preliminary hearing regarding the charge of obstruction of justice in the murder of Gregorio Salazar Campos before Judge Lyle Anderson in the Seventh District Court, Tuesday, Jan.7.

Ossana was originally scheduled for arraignment for various charges, including driving under the influence (DUI) and possession of a controlled substance, resulting from a traffic stop on Feb. 23, 2013.

However, during preparation for her arraignment, the Grand County Attorney’s office requested an initial appearance for the charge of obstruction of justice in relation to the murder of Gregorio Salazar Campos on March 25, 2013.

County attorney Andrew Fitzgerald recommended that the possession of a controlled substance, a first degree felony, be dropped to a class A misdemeanor in exchange for a guilty plea for obstruction of justice, a second degree felony.

Anderson asked Ossana if Fitzgerald promised a recommended sentence.

“Regardless of that, I can sentence you to one to 15 years in the Utah State Prison, in addition to whatever other terms you are to serve in prison, or one year in jail after you get out of prison,” Anderson said.

She said she understood and pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of a class A misdemeanor and the obstruction of justice.

Her sentencing is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 18.

“The obstruction of justice case is related to the murder of Gregorio, where we had the two youth involved,” said Grand County attorney Andrew Fitzgerald. “Her role was two-fold.”

Fitzgerald said that Ossana assisted and directed the actions of teenagers Brody Blu Krukenberg and Charles Anthony Nelson after the death of Campos.

“She drove one of the cars, she acted as a lookout, she went up and down the river to find a place to dispose of the body,” Fitzgerald said. “She advised one of the individuals on how to get rid of blood and how officers detect it. She saw the body at the apartment when the body was present.”

Campos’ body was found in the Colorado River near the boat dock on Sunday, April 7, 2013 by Grand County Sheriff’s deputies. During the investigation, it was discovered that Kruckenberg shot Campos in the head three times.

Kruckenberg, 17, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and obstruction of justice on July 23. He was sentenced to juvenile detention until he turns 21. Nelson, 17, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.

His sentence was dependent upon the psychological assessment by juvenile court.

The teenaged boys were originally charged with murder, a first degree felony. They would have faced five years to life in prison on the murder counts if found guilty. Authorities sealed documents in the case regarding drug trafficking connected to violent groups.

Kruckenberg’s mother, Corina Yardley, 44, pleaded guilty to two counts of obstructing justice on Tuesday, July 9. She was released from the Grand County Jail for time served since April and was put on probation for 36 months.

“She drove one of the cars, she acted as a lookout, she went up and down the river to find a place to dispose of the body.”

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