Wahtauna Bylilly was named rookie of the year for the Grand County EMS. [Courtesy photo]

Grand County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) recognized staff members as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) of the year and rookie of the year at their end of the year banquet held Dec. 6.

Ashle Kent has been recognized as the EMT of the year for 2013. Kent started working for EMS in 2004.

“This year Ashle took on the responsibility of training our new EMTs and spent countless hours working with them late into the night,” said Andy Smith, director of the Grand County’s EMS. “She has been extremely dedicated to educating and training new staff.”

Smith said that she is one of the department’s officers in charge who are able to quickly respond ahead of the ambulance to all life-threatening situations.

“She has made a difference in countless lives,” Smith said. “Ashle has covered 3200 hours of on call time this year. We are grateful for her dedicated service.”

Wahtauna Bylilly was recognized as the rook of the year for 2013.

“She has been dedicated to continually improving her skills and her ability to have a positive effect on patient outcome,” Smith said. “Wahtauna has been an extremely great asset to Grand County EMS. Even though she is in her rookie year, I see her helping teach and mentor other EMTs. We have come to rely heavily on her abilities.”

Bylilly has covered 1950 hours of on call time. She was involved in two calls in which the EMTs were able to bring someone back from cardiac arrest.

“We are extremely grateful for all she gives to the department and citizens of Grand County,” Smith said.

EMT and rookie of the year selected

“She has made a difference in countless lives.”