Carlos Josue Ovando

Nick Hren is the BEACON Helen M. Knight Elementary (HMK) enrichment student of the month for November. Hren is in Ms. Johnson’s second grade class. He is the son of Stephen and Deb Hren. The BEACON staff is very appreciative of how he helps by picking up trash from other students and always remembering to say “please” and “thank you.” He is known for a great attitude, always having a smile on his face and being able to tell a great joke.

Ethyn Shumway is the BEACON HMK academic student of the month for November. Shumway is in JoLynn Torgerson’s third grade class. He is the son of Travis and Brittney Shumway. His tutor, Saundra Perry, said that he works diligently at each assignment.

“Ethyn is a very pleasant student and always comes to BEACON with a smile,” Perry said. “He continues to smile even when he’s working on something difficult.”

Carlos Josue Ovando is the BEACON Grand County Middle School student of the month for December. He is in eighth grade and his father is Fredy Ovando. Ovando has been attending BEACON consistently and his grades show it. BEACON staff members said he sets goals regularly and works hard to achieve them. They are very proud of the work he does and the good attitude he brings. He is the second GCMS student to earn a trip to Adventure Park Moab for attendance.