The Moab Rotary Club hosted international students for an opportunity to enjoy Arches National Park. From left to right: Joe Kingsley, Jim Lewis, Carli Lewis, Lars Hegenberg, Mike Miller, Zoe Fockedey, Margherita Maccioni, Elena Matamoro, Cassie Moyers, Linda Baker, Joanna Cannon, Ronald Granda, Oska Johnemark, Caio Martins Bondini and Sam Sturman. [Courtesy photo]

Moab Rotary Club hosted seven international high school students, as well as three Rotarian sponsors from across Utah to enjoy Arches National Park.

They arrived Thursday, Nov. 14 and visited with Moab hosts Kate and Ross Cannon, Jim and Carli Lewis, and Joe Kingsley,

The group enjoyed a hike to Delicate Arch and other points of interest in Arches National Park on Friday. That evening’s dinner was donated by Mike Miller of the Moab Brewery. The group went on hike in Arches’ Fiery Furnace on Saturday. That evening Sam Sturman and Kingsley hosted a barbecue with Steve and Terri Getz providing side dishes.

The international students were Oskar Johnemark from Sweden, Margherita Maccioni from Italy, Caio Martins Bodini from Brazil, Zoe Fockedey from France, Lars Hegenberg from Germany, Elena Matamoro from Spain and

Ronald Granda from Ecuador.

Penny Atkinson, the past Rotary District Governor; Cassie Moyers of Ogden and Linda Baker of St. George were sponsors providing transportation and supervision for the international students.

The students are either juniors or seniors doing the full school year here in various communities in Utah with Rotarian host families. Most students and host families create a life-long bond with their exchange students.