Lilly Mae Noorlander

Lilly Mae Noorlander, returned to her heavenly father Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013. She died in her sleep after suffering from lingering health problems.

She was the oldest of nine children born to Archie (“Skeeter”) Roland Stocks and Eola Elizabeth Graham Stocks. She was born August 1931 at Allen Memorial Hospital in Moab. She was born during a power outage that lasted from 11:50 p.m., Aug. 19 to 12:15 a.m. Aug. 20. She celebrated her birthday on the 19th even though Dr. Allen was unable to see the clock when she was born to determine her birth date. She brought light back into the world with her birth.

She grew up on the Wilson Mesa near Moab where her parents managed a ranch. She and her brother and sisters always started school a couple of weeks later than the other kids because they were needed to help with the ranch during then. After she graduated from Grand County High School she got a job traveling all over the United States selling family portraits for a picture studio.

She met Stan Noorlander when she was working as a telephone operator in Salt Lake City. They met on a blind date and dated for a week before they eloped to Elko and got married May 16, 1953.

She worked as a dispatcher under Sheriff John Stocks. She also worked at Moab Lumber Company and was elected Grand County Recorder three times before she retired.

She was a founding member of the Western Association of Land Users and strongly believed that the natural resources of the Earth were given by God for the benefit and development of man. She believed that man could protect the environment while using these God given resources. She believed America’s prosperity was dependent on the wise use of these resources.

Her life was a life of service and compassion toward others. On the night before she died she expressed a desire to plant more fruit trees so she could give the fruit to the poor and needy.

She is survived by her husband Stan; four sons: Stanley II, Leslie, Mike and David Noorlander; one brother, Allen Stocks; six sisters: Mary Gailey, Bonnie Hammer, Connie Dick, Carol Mozaffari, Dorothy Gough, Alene Inman; and one daughter-in-law Vicky White Eagle; twelve grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. She is preceded in death by her father Archie, her mother Eola, and brother Tom Stocks.