Gannon James

Gannon James is October’s student of the month at Helen M. Knight Elementary. James is son of Tiffanny James and is a student in Ms. Durfee’s second grade class.

Ms. Durfee said that James is a studious, diligent, hardworking student.

“He takes his education seriously and will do whatever it takes to make each assignment his very best,” Durfee said.

James has daily chores at home that include feeding goats, chickens and rabbits. He participates in two after school clubs: Team Challenge and Survival Skills. Next trimester he will be involved in wrestling.

“Gannon is developing discipline skills that carry over into all areas of his life, due to all his responsibilities,” Durfee said. “He is a leader in his kindness and empathy for others. He is a role model as a hard work and A+ student.”

Durfee also recognized that James had faced adversity when his father died in a car accident.

“He has had to become an overcomer and he displays a maturity that is rarely seen in a second grade student,” Durfee said. “With all the good habits Gannon is developing, I’m sure he will be able to do anything he desires in life, and that will undoubtedly be something very great.”