Dylan Beck

Dylan Beck, the new face of USU Moab’s student body, has one piece of advice.

“Work smarter, not harder,” he said.

At age 36, Beck said he, “used up his body.”

After an injury while working in construction, Beck enrolled at USU Moab to study business.

He is now the newly elected executive vice-president for the campus.

This year, Beck has a plan to make USU Moab the best experience for both the young and not as young students.

“Even though Beck is a seasoned adult and full of mature wisdom, he brings a youthful exuberance and enthusiasm to his vice-president position at USU-Moab that is extremely fun to be around and highly contagious,” said Steve Hawks, USU Moab’s dean.

“I want to make my mark and do my part in building the future of USU-Moab, the town of Moab, and our children’s future,” stated Beck.

Beck did not make the decision to return to school on his own: fate did. He hurt is back working in

construction while building houses and now suffers from chronic low back pain. While he’s continuing to explore his options, Beck plans to major in business, something that can be universally used with his current skill set.

“I have a wife and three kids, two vehicles, and one house payment. There was no other way to support my family,” he said.

As any college student, dream jobs constantly change, but not for Beck.

His dream job growing up was to be a rock star. His dream job now is to still be a rock star. Beck may be able to make that dream come true in his new position. One of his ambitions includes starting a USU Moab band to bring music to the local community, in addition to a myriad of events and activities.

His family has been in Moab for six generations and is one of the primary reasons he chose to attend USU Moab.

As a local, Beck is inspired to help influence the local community to support the new campus and be

involved with the school.

He has already provided a new study area for students at USU Moab. He has a back-to-school night

scheduled and hopes to bring one of the oldest Aggie traditions to Moab: the block “A”.

The original block “A”, a scuplture that stands near the administration building on Old Main Hill on the USU Logan campus, is part of the tradition of becoming a “True Aggie”, by kissing their sweetheart over the sculpture during homecoming.

“Even though he has been away from school for many years, Dylan has thrown himself fully into his academic studies. Aside from being a great student body officer, he is a great example of academic striving,” said Hawks.

Dylan’s advice to anyone thinking about furthering their education?

“You only live once,” he said.